Site Visit w/ Interior Bliss Design :: Completed Project

by Shera Nuss

Picking up where we left off last time, we’re back in Hell’s Kitchen with interior bliss design. The 800 sqft duplex has undergone quite a makeover including the transformation of a once-modest closet & master bathroom, as well as a newly exposed brick interior wall, and some awesome custom-built surprises. Once the construction was was complete, ibd owner Kimberlee Hanson brought us back in to see the design & furnishings, just before the client was coming home to see the apartment for the first time.

Here’s Kimberlee, head of the interior bliss design crew.

Kimberlee’s team built a new, integrated bed frame and installed a remote-controlled UV filter/shading system. The client will finally be able to control the amount of sun they receive in  morning, maybe even sleep in late!

At long last, the perfect walk-in! …a huge improvement from before!

The furnishings are all in the door… not yet in place, but we can get a good idea of the colors & materials ibd brought to the new space. I love how the brick & wood are accented by the subtle blue of the living room walls, which have been painted in the Sherwin Williams hue, ‘blue mist’.

Here’s a close-up of the gorgeous sideboard Darren built out of reclaimed wood –the craft & character of this piece definitely gives this space the ibd reclaimed modern touch!

Another view of the custom sideboard & mirror which was framed in the same reclaimed material.

ibd hung several beautiful light fixtures throughout the new space such as this pendant (above) by Restoration Hardware, as well as a custom designed piece (below).

Who wouldn’t love a seat on this plush sofa by Mitchel Gold?

Or maybe you’d prefer a table for four..?

Great work & big thanks to interior bliss design!


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