Site Visit :: Ace Hotel Tour w/ QBG

by Shera Nuss

As we mentioned we’re getting a lot more commercial projects posted on theSweeten and we’re thrilled that one of  our network members was just awarded this west village restaurant.  theSweeten started with the idea that we’d be helping homeowners create spaces they could love. However small businesses need help too, and we’re happy to expand our network to include commercial members!

That’s why we’re so excited to introduce one of our newest members Quest Builders Group, Inc. (QBG). The folks at QBG have done really impressive commercial work, and this week, we caught up with them to get the scoop on one of our favorite completed projects, the Ace Hotel in Midtown. QBG worked with the teams at Roman & Williams, Stonehill & Taylor, and GFI Capital to restore the dilapidated Breslin Hotel (c. 1904) and convert it into the boutique, 250-room Ace Hotel.

We met with Bryan Bernhard (above) of QBG to learn more about the work behind-the-scenes that went into this year-long construction/restoration project –here’s a peek into restoring the historic, 4,000 sqft hotel lobby (and for more info on its design, we like this post from archdaily).

Outside the Ace, Bryan pointed out the custom, marquee-style awning and new limestone profiles that were added during the renovation. (So much rain in NYC this week, lots of umbrellas in the outside photos!)

In the vestibule, QBG installed marble paneling along the walls and a set of vintage brass french doors which were original to the 34th St. Macy’s.

As with many of the materials incorporated throughout the hotel, the newly laid hardwood floors in the concierge area were treated to appear vintage. If you’re into the salvage aesthetic, check out the stock over at Build it Green! NYC, you could do a really cool ACE Hotel inspired redesign.

Bryan explained that the soaring columns, which are prevalent in the main lobby space, had originally each come in four large sections. The sections were assembled together on site, and bound on top and bottom with custom-made, concentric moldings. We love how the column structure is integrated with those beautiful, industrial-inspired lighting fixtures.

QBG restored the hotel’s original mosaic floor, filling in damaged areas with custom-matched tiles. If you’re thinking of incorporating mosaic tiles in your next redesign, check out the inspired collections at Mosaic House.

In the lobby’s bar area, oak panels from an old library in Brooklyn adorn the lower section of the walls. Bryan told us that when these panels arrived to the site they had to be assembled together like a huge jigsaw puzzle. It actually sounds kind of FUN!

These gorgeous skylights are original and QBG restored them.

The team also restored the lobby’s original plaster ceiling. In doing so, they kept as much of the historic elements as possible, and for the badly damaged areas, they were able to create custom-matching plaster profiles –the result is exquisite!

The lobby of the Ace is open to the public, so if you haven’t been, we definitely recommend stopping in to check out the rest of the well-crafted details. While there be sure to check out The Breslin Bar & Dining Room, The John Dory Oyster Bar, & an Opening Ceremony store –all built by QBG.

Many thanks to Bryan & the team at QBG!

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