If Kids Could Renovate…

by Jennifer Malise

Big imaginations meet home renovation

Parents make most of your life decisions when you’re young, from what you’ll eat for breakfast to where your family will live. We decided it was time to hear from the kids and ask what their dream home would look like. Sweeten collaborated with Mommybites to invite young artists (ages 5-13) to send us a sketch of their “home sweet home.” From roller coasters in the backyard to rooftop aquariums, check out the submissions below and download this PDF to see all of the amazing artwork we received. (Kids, we’re ready to help you renovate when you are!)

George, age 10

With the beach, forest, and orchard nearby, there’s something for everyone.

renovation inspiration

Helen, age 8 (turning 9 in June!)

This house is perfect for an animal lover! This one won our hearts.

renovation inspiration

Alexander, age 13

Clean lines and a simple color palette. Can you say “future architect”?

renovation inspiration

Soren, age 7

Ready for guests from any galaxy or to hitch a ride from a friendly alien.

renovation inspiration

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