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A Bit More Elegance In Our Inwood Kitchen & Bath

Posted by Lindsay R. in Inwood
Brief description

We will be closing on a new apartment in early May. We want to renovate the kitchen and bathroom, configure the closets to best accommodate our belongings, refinish the hardwood floors, paint, and touch-up/repair molding before we move in.

Project details
  • Space

    Entire Unit

  • Services

    Design and Build

  • Style


Before Conditions

Not my style

The kitchen and bath were both updated about 5-10 years ago, but it wasn't done in a style that is to our taste. We would like a kitchen and bath that better reflect the pre-war, art deco elegance of the building. The rest of the apartment is lovely, but in need of some freshening up with repairs, refinishing, and paint.

Scope of work

1. Refinish existing cabinets (we are leaning towards gray) and add new hardware
2. Shift bottom cabinets on one side to accommodate a full-size dishwasher, which will likely require new counters on that side
3. Build additional cabinetry and potentially a counter seat for someone to perch at in the empty space where the sellers currently have a bistro table
4. Put in new floors
5. Add an interesting back-splash
6. Paint

Note: We would consider replacing all of the counters if it's key to make the design work, but if not, we are fine with the black and would only replace them on the one side where it would be necessary to accommodate new and shifted cabinetry.

1. Convert shower stall into a space for a W/D with necessary plumbing and electricity
2. Install W/D
3. Add plumbing for a shower, a suspended shower curtain rod, and additional tile work to the existing tub so that it can be used as both a shower and a tub
4. Put in new floors
5. Replace vanity
6. Install new medicine cabinet
7. Add additional storage cabinets or shelving on the wall opposite the sink and the tub

Note: We would consider replacing all of the tile in the bathroom if it's necessary to make the design work and if it's within budget, but we are ok with the black and white if some of the existing can be salvaged.

1. Where necessary, rip out current shelving or rods to accommodate custom closet configuration
2. Where necessary, install new shelving, rods and/or drawers (likely Elfa)

1. Refinish hardwood floors throughout the apartment to bring back their luster

1. Repaint the entire apartment
2. Refinish, repair or replace molding that has years of gunked up paint on it