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Bathroom+kitchen+a Little More In Hudson Yards

Posted by Jeremy K. in Chelsea
Brief description

We've lived in our pre-war 1 bedroom home in Hudson Yards for about a year now: enough time to give us a sense of how we'd like to use it versus how it's currently set up (may need an architect/interior designer to think about floorplan btwn living room/kitchen/foyer). The bathroom requires a rehab and the kitchen, while in workable shape, underutilizes its sq. footage. Scope includes moving entries to/from kitchen and foyer, millwork and kitchen/bath design + build. Floors if in budget.

Project details
  • Space

    Entire Unit

  • Services

    Design and Build

  • Style


Before Conditions

Functional but...; Outdated; A little worn; Not my style

Kitchen: Functional but not great (great range but only 24", mammoth fridge, cheap cabinets)

Bathroom: Tiles literally near falling off wall and a little bit of water damage. Floor intact and other walls/ceiling fine.

Foyer: Good condition but prefer better millwork

Scope of work

KITCHEN: 1 - Rethink floor plan to update overall function (currently a split kitchen/eat in but not working well as either); 2 - Close off one of the entries and possibly move the second entry depending on floor plan; 3 - Replace all cabinetry, appliances, flooring, lighting, etc.; 4 - Replace floor; 5 - Move and update electrical as required by building and new footprint.

BATHROOM: 1 - Keep floor plan but replace all fixtures and elements except original deco tub; 2 - Install new plumbing back to branch lines (req'd by building); 3 - Install new toilet, vanity, lighting, medicine cabinet, etc; 4 - Reglaze tub; 5 - Install new floor and wall tiles plus niches, as well as new glass partition from tub and new taps/faucets/etc.

FOYER: 1 - Demo existing built in bookcase and re-plaster as needed; 2 - Build new custom bookcase; 3 - Potentially adjust/drop ceiling for lighting; 4 - Minor electrical (move/add outlets)

LIVING ROOM: 1 - Demo a not-quite-built-in dry bar (just a housing) and repair the plaster as needed. 2 - Move electrical outlets to suit new floor plan.

If somehow after all the above there's room in the budget to replace the floors, we'd be delighted. Sq footage count in listing includes the kitchen, foyer and bathroom only.

We had a wonderful time working with Paulina, Albert and the team. The entire experience was exactly the opposite of all those NY contractor horror stories that you hear, and we really cannot recommend their work highly enough. From the beginning, Paulina was a great partner in conceiving of how to use the space, working through several design tweaks and a handful of budget challenges, and then reworking the schedule seamlessly when we added redoing all of our floors to the scope (in the middle of the job). She was also a great design partner - a collaborative expert who is flexible but always has a point of view, and someone quick to caution on any choices we might have pushed for that she felt might not end up working. The craftsmanship of the team's work is also excellent, especially the tiling and custom cabinetry (this is a team that really knows how to squeeze every inch of space out of an NYC apartment). Most importantly, their commitment to their work is incredible. Not only did they quickly work through our punch list, but in two walkthroughs with Paulina and Albert after the job wrapped, they spotted things we hadn't noticed that they felt needed to be done better - and then promptly fixed them. We would work with the team again in a heartbeat.

Like any NYC renovation, the job presented its fair share of curveballs. Not only did we significantly expand the scope in the middle of the job, but our appliance seller closed its East Coast stores unexpectedly two months before things were due for delivery. This is to say nothing of leaking building pipes

The entire process was so wonderful that it's hard to call any out one thing in particular, but the overall design, tiling work, and cabinetry all stand out as highlights of their craftsmanship. But more than anything, where they stand out is in its true partnership through the whole process: they treated us like family through the whole process - and made sure their work stood up to that standard.