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Renovate My Kitchen In Brooklyn Heights

Posted by Emily H. in Brooklyn Heights
Brief description

We cook at home most nights in a kitchen with a 24-inch range and an 18-inch dishwasher (for our dishes and those of our two kids). Our open shelving looks cute but is terrible for people who cook - everything is coated in greasy dust. We are looking to majorly upgrade our kitchen in the limited space we have.

Project details
  • Space


  • Services

    Design and Build

  • Style

    Haven't decided yet

Before Conditions

Functional but...; A little worn

The kitchen was last renovated on the cheap - all wood and stainless steel counters, small appliances, totally average fridge. It's functional but could use more counter space and desperately needs upper cabinets and more short drawers.

Scope of work

Kitchen: replace/add to all cabinetry and appliances. Replace lighting. Possibly raise loft storage area above kitchen to accommodate high shelves.

We had a great experience working with Santi and his crew. They worked quickly and were flexible and great at communicating and coming up with solutions to unexpected problems. They did good quality work and were also extremely nice to work with. I'd recommend them without hesitation.

Very, very well. Some issues came up (none of which were his fault) and he was super flexible. He dealt well with vendors and delays and came up with creative solutions to unforeseen issues.

Santi was just so nice to work with. He's responsive, good at communicating, and isn't afraid to share his opinion (but will happily go with what you want to do if it differs from his opinion). I planned out most of the pieces of the renovation but left some stuff for him to take care of (countertop sourcing, for example), and he made it really easy.