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Renovate My Dull Bathroom In Upper West Side

Posted by Leah C. in Upper West Side
Brief description

I bought my apartment in 2007, and had expected to renovate the bathroom before now, but after my kitchen and study were renovated in 2011, I ran out of gas. My apartment is a prewar apartment on the UWS, but before I bought it, the bathroom was renovated with square desert colored clay and ceramic tiles that don't suit the space.

Project details
  • Space


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Before Conditions

Functional but...; A little worn; Not my style; Recently renovated

Scope of work

I want to leave all of the fixtures in place but generally refresh with new tiling, new toilet, new sink, and possibly new tub or reglazing of the existing tub. I would also like to remove the dropped ceiling, and replace the canned lights with a single light fixture.

Aleks started demo on October 9 and were out of my space, with just a punch list left on November 13. In that time, the team completely restored my bathroom from a sad 80s era remodel to its beautiful original layout and feel. The team kept in regular daily contact with me, and whenever any issues arose, promptly let me know and presented helpful resolutions. Aleks and his team stuck with their quote, even when I picked the project up a year later.

Amazingly well. There were a lot of surprises, due to the unprofessional renos that predated our project. Each decision in this project was a challenge because we were rehabbing 2 generations of renovations. In our small space, we had issues from tub fitting, ceiling height, toilet location, lighting, glass surround, and the location of the vanity. Each one of these were dealt with promptly, with thoughtful recommendations from the team.

Efficient execution, overcame problems with intelligent suggestions, solidly friendly and professional team onsite.