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Uws Compact 1 Bedroom

Posted by Arthur L. in Upper West Side
Brief description

We close in Mid December. The apartment is a 1-bedroom in the Upper West Side. We intend to update the kitchen and bathroom and move the door to the bedroom. Some electrical upgrades may be necessary. Clean and simple is what we are going for. We are both architects and are look for a great builder! We have a tight budget and are open to making decisions to get this project on budget and completed within our time frame.

Project details
  • Space

    Entire Unit

  • Services


  • Style


Before Conditions

Functional but...; Outdated

1970's kitchen and bathroom.

Scope of work

1. retile walls and floor
2. replace tankless toilet with modern tank toilet.
3. replace sink
4. current tub has standing waste stop. ideally we would not replace the tub, but are open to it if required.
5. replace shower/tub fixtures
6. all fixtures to remain in same place
7. move door to bathroom and enlarge bathroom by moving wall 17".

1. Replace all fixtures/appliances. Location of sink and cooktop/oven to remain.
2. Replace all cabinetry - likely ikea cabinets with custom fronts.
3. Remove existing floor tiling to reveal wood floor below.

1. Move door to bedroom

1. Possibly replace electrical panel. Proposed oven is 220v.
2. Possibly add outlets and/or replace receptacles throughout apartment.

1. Spackle and paint

Walter was clear and responsive in communication. His team was clean, precise, and thorough. Comes prepared to talk shop, to offer suggestions, and will work with you to come to a reasonable solution. Really excellent quality work and great time collaborating with Walter.

Walter was able to find new flooring boards to match the existing boards in the apartment to make an (almost) seamless continuous floor. I know he search around for it and the time spent worked.

Yes. The quality of the finishing (tiling, plastering, painting) was top-notch.