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Renovate My Kitchen In Kensington (budget Is Flexible)

Posted by Racquel G. in Kensington
Brief description

The kitchen is outdated (circa 1963) and I'd like to update it, including the electrical.

The budget can be flexible, but it all depends on how much - had someone all set to complete the job for under that amount last May but did not feel comfortable with that project manager, so I’d be curious about the budget you think will be required here. I’d like it to include everything, materials and labor.

I wasn't sure where to put this info or if it would be relevant at this stage, but apart of the work that has already gone into

Project details
  • Space


  • Services


  • Style


Before Conditions


From the early 1960s.

Scope of work

Upgrade the electrical wiring by adding about 5 lines and update the fuse box; add a dishwasher; change the stove which currently does not have an electrical component; basically gut the kitchen and replace everything but the fridge.

Working with Erion made a very stressful situation MUCH better. I live in a co-op and the board required a lot of paperwork as well as constant emails to the management company to assure them that nothing outside the scope of work was being done. That plus the fact that I was going through my first kitchen reno and didn't know just how many decisions needed to be made all while finishing the spring semester made this process hair-pulling. But Erion was always available, always calm, ready with good answers to what I thought were problems (like the stove being lost in-transit, the elevator breaking down, and me not having a clue about how to match the paint already on one of the walls). On top of just being very easy to work with and knowledgeable, he was onsite every day, kept me in the loop about what was scheduled for each day, and ensured that the work was impeccable. I still can't believe this is my kitchen; it is SO beautiful.

Like a pro. When the stove got lost and then the elevator broke down, I thought I was going to be in reno-mode for at least an additional week. Nope. Erion scheduled the rest of the work around those issues and we still ended when he said we would. And the kitchen is AMAZING.

Communicated well and worked through every snafu as if it were just another day at the office for him.