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Undo Developer's Cookie Cutter Kitchen

Posted by Jane F. in Park Slope
Brief description

Redesign the condo developer's ubiquitous black granite/stainless appliances kitchen so that I have adequate work areas and storage, and give me a warmer, more personal kitchen. Complications include sprinkler lines and bldg ventilation system.

Project details
  • Space


  • Services


  • Style


Before Conditions

Apartment is a finished loft space with 2 1/2 levels. Kitchen is on lower level, laid out against party wall in an L-shape. The stove is not vented and sets off the smoke alarms. I do not have enough counter space, or storage space and presently solve these problems by storing my stuff outside of the kitchen. I need some creative ideas to make this work better for me.

Scope of work

I love to cook and to entertain and want a more functional design that will allow me to store my things and use them in an integrated kitchen. I am also a potter and would like to be able to display my work in or near the kitchen. I don't like black granite or stainless steel and want something a bit warmer. Come and wow me with your creativity!

Kris has sort of a breadth of knowledge and an aesthetic that was appealing to me. He is also a hands on contractor, on the site at least once a week and ensuring the quality of work his crew was doing.