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Expand My Kitchen And Freshen Up My Prewar 1br Apartment In Prospect Heights

Posted by Joel D. in Prospect Heights
Brief description

In contract on a beautiful 1BR pre-war co-op apartment that we hope to close on in 5-6 weeks. The apartment has a great layout and great pre-war details but the decor and finishes from the most recent renovation done probably 10 years ago are not our style, (it looks more like grandma lives there) and need some updating before we move in. We can schedule design visits to the apartment with advance notice (we do not yet occupy it yet, we have to request from the current owners).

Project details
  • Space

    Entire Unit

  • Services

    Design and Build

  • Style


Before Conditions

Functional but...; Not my style; Recently renovated

Scope of work

Kitchen: enlarge the kitchen 3 feet into the adjacent living room and reconfigure so that the stove and sink are on the exterior wall. Open up the kitchen to the living room with a pass through breakfast bar and to the foyer with a peninsula counter top. We definitely want to reuse the existing appliances and if possible, any of the existing cabinetry, but we want new, modern cabinet hardware, light fixtures, and a lighter stone counter top and floor. The kitchen is way too dark.

Living Room: Install a recessed ceiling mount curtain track so that we can hang a privacy curtain across the room for when we have guests visiting and staying in the living room. We'd like to install some kind of stylish murphy bed system. like the Penthouse Collection from BredaBeds.com

Entry Hall Closet: Combine the two small closets into one closet with efficient storage space for shoes, suitcases, winter coats, day bags and briefcases, cleaning supplies, hardware and utility items, etc.


In the entire apartment:
- Take the squeaks out of the existing beautiful herringbone wood floor, sand and refinish with a finish that is a shade lighter with less yellow tones in it.
- Repaint the walls and trim in the entire apartment
- New modifications to the apartment are modern or contemporary in nature but also mesh well with and respect the pre-war nature of the apartment's details and the building.

Bedroom: in addition to the work on the walls and floors, strip and repaint the built-in wardrobe unit with white paint.

Bathroom: if budget allows, we'd like to replace the tub with a glass enclosed walk-in shower and replace the bathroom hardware with more modern choices.

We selected Kris after interviewing a few other Sweeten experts. We were very pleased with how customer satisfaction focused Kris and his team are. Kris and his office manager Natalia worked with us to create and execute the project that we wanted. All along the way, he communicated clearly about any hiccups that his team encountered, or obstacles that could potentially change costs and how to get around that or why the cost was necessary. Kris and his team paid very high attention to craft, detail and quality of execution but still completed the project on schedule. Throughout the process, we felt that Kris was honest, trustworthy, committed to our satisfaction and dependable. Going into a project like this, at this expense, we were apprehensive about ending up with a sketchy contractor. We were quite pleased that Kris and his team were the complete opposite of that. This team was excellent.