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Hell's Kitchen Modernization

Posted by Matthew A. in Central Park South
Brief description

I'm in a 1-BR co-op in Hell's Kitchen and need to renovate several areas that were not renovated prior to me purchasing the unit (kitchen and BR were renovated, other areas need to be) . There are numerous areas in the bedroom, living room and hallways that need to be designed and replaced with custom built-in units. Also, want to update the apartment window coverings, lighting and floor coverings. Like modern, minimal, clutter-free living.

Project details
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    Entire Unit

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Scope of work

Living Room: 1) Remove big, old radiator cover and replace with built-in unit under window (storage, desk, bench, etc.--open to ideas) 2) Remove old closet and replace with new closet 3) Turn a section of room where there is an indentation into a dedicated shoe closet (built-in shoe drawers and closet build) 4) Replace all window coverings. Hallway: 1) Create a storage unit in the washer/dryer room that is accessible from the hallway. Bedroom: 1) Remove ugly, old radiator cover and replace with built-in 2) Replace all window covering.

Craftsmanship and quality of the work. From the design, to fabrication, electrical, painting and installation, everything exceeded my expectations. Albert's millwork was perfection and the attention to detail down to every 1/16 of an inch was attended to. All the custom built-in units, to the closets, window casings and hidden storage elements were designed, fabricated and installed superbly. We also did quite a bit of lighting, electrical and painting throughout the apartment in order to achieve the vision, and Ziggy and Andy didn't miss a stroke. The entire team is true professionals and passionate about their craft.

Woking with Paulina and her entire team was a true partnership. Throughout the process I felt like Paulina, Albert and I were a family. The team treated my home and project like it was their own and was as obsessed with perfection as I was. Paulina, Albert and I worked together from day 1 on the custom cabinetry and materials to the little door latch and cabinet pulls. I had an aesthetic vision and strategy from the beginning and Paulina always found a way to execute on the vision and find what we needed, no matter how small or unique. The biggest challenge we faced was creating the shoe closet with the right amount of room in the desired space. Albert and his team literally demolished the space to search for every usable 1/16 of an inch they could find, while optimizing the design and fabricating the closet to meet the requirements. I am amazed at how Albert ultimately delivered what I thought was impossible. Not only does the shoe closet fit in the space perfectly and accommodate all the shoes, but is the most gorgeous closet you can imagine. This was not an easy task and Albert outdid himself, met the challenge and topped all expectations.

Execute and deliver, that is what the team did especially well. I briefed Paulina on my strategy and vision from the beginning and she and Albert never stopped thinking about how to achieve that vision. Throughout the project, Paulina and Albert brought ideas and evolutions to the designs that pushed creativity to meet my vision. Each element we worked on built off the last one and everything fit together perfectly at the end. Strategy followed, vision achieved, mission accomplished.