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Renovate My Townhouse

Posted by Adam S. in Clinton Hill
Brief description

An initial renovation before we move in, including laying new hardwood floors, fixing staircases, replacing fence. Due to budget, ultimately the renovation will need to be a iterative/phased effort over a longer period of time.

Project details
  • Space

    Entire Unit

  • Services

    Design and Build

  • Style


Before Conditions

Functional but...

Move in ready townhouse, but is old and outdated, ugly in some ways, though charming in others, not our style, and needs some TLC.

+ legal 2 family, first floor rental unit
+ old parquet floors throughout
+ top floor needs leveling, it's wavy in places
+ staircases need leveling, fixing, or replacing
+ front windows need replacing
+ wall to come down
+ back yard is tragic - fence is collapsing, could use landscaping, cleaning
+ basement floor needs cementing
+ old kitchen could use new cabinets, dishwasher
+ laundry area exists in kitchen currently
+ sad looking facade (missing cornice), brick pointing looks like a rash in places

The listing of the propery we're buying:


(under contract, closing in July approximately)

Scope of work

Ideally it would look like a spread in Dwell magazine, but realistically, the space would have a more modern (yet rustic?) feel with some initial updates like:

+ new hardwood floors
+ improved staircases
+ a tidied, landscaped yard with new fence
+ Walls removed
+ Set up more as single family

An updated kitchen would be marvelous, but we recognize our budget constraints, so that might need to wait for a 2nd round later on. Our family would feel at home and love coming home.

We have created a few Pinterest boards for inspiration: