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Chic-ify My Kitchen!

Posted by Anne S. in Brooklyn Heights
Brief description

It is time to graduate to a grown-up kitchen that is as fabulous as the rest of my apartment! I want to work with someone who will handle all aspects of the renovation and who understands my aesthetic point of view. I want a functional, chic kitchen!

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Before Conditions


The kitchen is tiny, ugly, dark, poorly laid out and well past it's due date for a total renovation! Because it's a galley kitchen, there is virtually no space for storage (and the base cupboards are all falling apart). The previous owner did a horrible job with the layout of kitchen, creating dead space and blocking access to the window, making this little kitchen terribly claustrophobic and unpleasant to cook in.

I want to work with a team who has clever ideas for opening the space up, making it light and bright and enjoyable to be in, and who can drive the whole project in its entirety, from design and project planning, to overseeing demolition and construction, to sourcing and ordering all materials, to fabricating the cabinets and reinstalling the (new) appliances, to managing the contractor/sub-contractors, and so on.

I am also looking for an expert who can steer me towards what is worth spending money on versus what it is substitutable with a cheaper but acceptable solution…

Scope of work

The cabinets all need to be replaced (I would like white, glossy surfaces), the floor (and probably sub-floor) will need to be replaced, and I am hoping to raise the ceiling and/or knock-down a wall to circulate light between the windows in the living room / kitchen space. It is essential for me to have better access to the window so that I can open it in the warmer months and get some fresh air! I want to add a small dishwasher (note, the stainless steel stove and refrigerator are brand-new and will not be replaced), so the loss of cabinet storage space will need to be made up for elsewhere (perhaps by adding a bar in the spot opened up by removing the wall separating the kitchen and living room). In fact, I could use lots more storage, so really I am looking for some clever design solutions along with flawless construction execution to realize my dream of having a kitchen that is as fabulous as the rest of my apartment!

As a fashion illustrator, I would say the aesthetic quality of the finished product is a high priority: it should be chic without breaking the bank. Think 'Domino', the great interiors magazine from the 2000s that redefined a quirky, eclectic, beautiful yet approachable aesthetic geared towards affordable functionality spliced with great design.

They are really personable, nice people to work with... and their quality work stands for itself!

Excellent - good attention to detail and flexibility in terms of how to resolve.

Good follow-up and availability when I had a question or needed to clarify something.