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Renovate My Townhouse

Posted by Nazli P. in Clinton Hill
Brief description

Renovation of 4-story townhouse w/ new heating, plumbing, a/c; finishes, cabinetry, fixtures & appliances. The house will be configured as a 2-family dwelling, w/ a garden floor rental & Owner’s triplex above. Requires change of CO. (More info below)

Project details
  • Space

    Entire Unit

  • Services


  • Style

    Haven't decided yet

Before Conditions

We are about to close on a 3200 sqft townhouse in Bed Stuy and it needs a full renovation: streeteasy.com

We already have an amazing GC, but would like to work with an architect on design (within our listed budget).

We love the house, we like the bones of the house and the detail, and would love to save whatever we can, while still incorporating a modern look. We need help really thinking about the flow of the spaces and best layouts but we're not looking to make major changes to the current floor plan (with the possible exception of the garden level rental unit, it's just a weird space).

Scope of work

I would really love to work on the design process with someone who can really think about how spaces should flow into each other and how to make the house livable. I'm not worried about making the house pretty.

We need someone who knows NYC building codes and can help navigate the DOB process; someone who can draw up the floor plans and work with us to figure out how this house should work, and someone who can work with our GC (and personal friend), Wayne, to deliver a great product.

We don't need someone who will advocate for us or the space with the contractor as our relationship w/ Wayne means that he will be our main advocate and work on keeping costs down and delivering a great product.

Rather than a percentage of construction cost, we'd prefer to work with someone on a flat fee within our design budget.

We also have a strong preference for an architect who will self-certify with the DOB.