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Clntn Hill Co-op: Reno Kitch+bath, Add Walls

Posted by Casey A. in Clinton Hill
Brief description

We are closing on a Clinton Hill Coop apt in Feb and moving in April. We will renovate the kitchen using a mix of modern and trad with integrated appliances. Bathroom needs work. New closets, wall and door will be built (1bed becomes 2bed). Thx

Project details
  • Space

    Entire Unit

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Before Conditions

Functional but...

The 15 floor building was constructed in the 1940s and the our apt still has a kitchen and bathroom that is probably original. The owners kept the place in good condition, but there are issues with the appliances, bathroom plumbing and electrical (adding a breaker), that are leading us towards a renovation. Also, the apt is 1 bedroom and we are adding a bedroom.

Scope of work

A clean flexible 2 bedroom (originally a 1 bedroom + dining room) with lots of light and well detailed, sliding walls, and installed cabinets/millwork.

Kris and Natalia are very nice people to work with. I have enjoyed going through the renovation process with them. When issues come up they are thoughtful and are open to designer's ideas and also offer their own solutions. Kris has lots of good experience and is able to keep projects on track, meet deadlines and stick to the schedule. He enjoys his job and has a very positive attitude.

The waterfall stone counter installation in one of our projects was not perfect, there were issues with alignment and the connection point at the wood cabinets. When Kris saw this he immediately called the Caesarstone rep and had the entire counter reinstalled. It was reinstalled perfectly and looks seamless. As a designer, I truly value his appreciation for these details.

Kris's ability to stick to the schedule is impressive. He often puts forth a schedule that it faster than most and is able to meet the deadlines. His millwork fabricator (kitchen cabinets) does a very nice job and I strongly recommend him for all types of cabinets. They did a wonderful job with all of our over size cabinet and closet doors. Also, they fabricated and installed oversize sliding doors that work very well and look fantastic.