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Fort Greene Apartment Renovation

Posted by Daniel A. in Brooklyn Heights
Brief description

We're hopefully only a few weeks from closing on our 2-bed Co-Op in Fort Greene (just waiting for Board Interview to be scheduled). We would like to update the interior to make it our own, modern, bright lovely home.

Project details
  • Space

    Entire Unit

  • Services


  • Style


Before Conditions

A little worn; Not my style; Outdated

Scope of work

- Remove all cabinets and appliances, and tiled floor and backsplash.
- New kitchen cabinetry (Ikea), and new appliances (one Ikea, others not).
- New tiled floor, tiled backsplash.
- A few extra shelves, either bought from Ikea or created simply.

- Replace bath and sink, and medicine cabinet/mirror.
- New tiles on floor and walls.

- The walls are very uneven, and covered in several layers of paint. We'd want them either stripped or skim-coated to make them perfectly flat, then re-painted white.
- We would need new skirting boards too, as they are all very old and uneven, both at bottom of walls, and potentially around doors to match.

- If we are allowed by the co-op board, we would like to flip a closet, so that it faces into the adjoining bedroom. This would involve removing some board from the wall to create a door, and filling the door space in the other bedroom. We'd also want the closet re-finished.

- Few extra things, like a couple of new lighting fixtures, door handles etc.

- Sand and re-finish (matte) the rest of the floors in the apartment, all of which are wood (700 sq ft). We do have a company already recommended for this, so this doesn't have to be part of the bid.

We had a great experience hiring Paul and his team to completely renovate our Brooklyn 2-bed Co-op apartment. Paul is very upfront and honest about what a job requires, as well as being knowledgable about the extra details that really make a difference, the kinds of things that renovation novices like me and my wife didn't know about. He met our expected budget, and his guys, led by Eduardo, did excellent work - we were delighted with the quality of the construction and finishes. As always happens, a few challenges presented themselves during the build, but Paul was able to suggest solutions, and carry them out swiftly and expertly. It meant paying a bit extra for certain things that we hadn't anticipated, but they were definitely worth it, and have made for a great home. I would definitely recommend working with Paul's crew, they are fast, expert and efficient, and are a pleasure to deal with. They go out of the way to do the little extra things, like taking delivery of furniture and kitchen hardware, and installing temporary light fixtures when you have forgotten to order the right ones!