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Modernize Our Bathrooms

Posted by Ellen S. in Kensington
Brief description

Renovate 2 bathrooms in our co-op

Project details
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Before Conditions


We have two bathrooms in our 1963 co-op that are dated and uninspired. Any renovations that were done over the years, were done on the cheap and with little attention to style. The grout is crumbling, the toilet leaks when flushed and the fixtures aren't very useful (the toothbrush holder in each bathroom has holes for 5 brushes—that's 10 total in a two-bedroom apartment and our brushes don't even fit!).

Scope of work

We want each bathroom to feel bright, spacious modern. The bathrooms are both pretty small, so we want to find ways to make them look and feel larger, also adding more storage. We tend toward mid-century design, but also like to mix very modern with vintage and antique.

Sweeten Expert Alan has been amazing – he has a daughter who is the same age as ours, and he just got it. The quality of the work is phenomenal, and he was very patient and helpful with our decisions.