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Renovate My Kitchen In Jersey City - Historic Downtown

Posted by Becky K. in Jersey City - Historic Downtown
Brief description

We've been in our apartment for almost 3 years and the Kitchen itself has not been renovated since our building was converted from a pencil factory to an apartment complex. All of the Kitchens in our building were built using the same colors and materials and it's time to refresh the space.

Project details
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  • Style


Before Conditions

Not my style; Outdated; Functional but...

All units in my building have the same kitchen materials and I want mine to stand out and be in my aesthetic.

Scope of work

1. Update cabinets- paint existing ones a new color
2. Replace counter tops- looking for quartz or butcher block counter top
3. Replace the Kitchen Floor- either re-tiling or doing concrete flooring
5. Add a backsplash above the counters and behind the stove
6. Paint the Kitchen walls
7. Replace the sink faucet (keep existing sink)

I cannot say enough good things about Bruno, he was absolutely phenomenal! Professional, prompt and very communicative. My husband and I were first time renovators and Bruno was the best partner to help us through the process. We appreciated his open nature, for example, if we chose something that he thought from a professional standpoint wouldn't work he would not only explain 'why' but have alternative options for us to review. In addition, if a problem came up like floor tiles being back ordered and he found a solution but it was slightly more expensive than the estimate he would immediately call to discuss and source a sample prior to final change approval. For a newbie in renovation, this level of communication and education was greatly appreciated. He was also such a champion for us when ordering materials and always put his clients needs first when working with vendors. We will definitely be working with Bruno on future projects!