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Renovate My Bathroom In Sunset Park

Posted by Penny W. in Sunset Park
Brief description

We would like to update a bad 80’s type renovation. And make the room match our modern tastes and get rid of old fixtures.

Project details
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Before Conditions

Outdated; Not my style; A little worn; Functional but...

Scope of work

Bathroom - new fixtures including counter, toilet, bathtub, vanity. New wall coverings, fix a bath closet, tiling and floor.

Ilya responded quickly to our renovation request for our bathroom in a mid-size Brooklyn Coop. He worked with us through the approvals that are required by our Board for all renovations and was accommodating to our schedule which coincided with a family vacation. As we dug into design and planning Ilya gave us realistic expectations based on his experience with 100+ yr old buildings that helped to inform our decisions. Advice on a range of topics like choice of materials, how to save space, when not to be too influenced by Pinterest (its easy to do), and where to spend more or spend less of our budget. He also helped with bigger decisions like keep the bath or switch to a shower. We decided to switch to a shower - best decision we made. Ilya kept the area neat, limited dust in the rest of the unit and there was no issue with debris removal from the Coop. Something that is monitored very closely here. We really appreciated that Ilya encouraged us to work with local tile, floor and fixture suppliers which we felt most comfortable with. We were able to pick out materials and give the order to Ilya and he took care of picking up the items as they were needed. it would be have been a nightmare to arrange deliveries in a non-doorman building. And finally, Ilya worked with quality professionals who took pride in their work. When it came to ordering a custom shower door - Ilya understood what we wanted and put us in touch with a quality craftsman that really got the style and quality perfectly. The results of the work are not only appreciated by us but by anyone who visits our home.

Ilya was in constant contact. There was a little bit of, I have some good news and some bad news. But it was never sugar-coated. He really helped us to be realistic about what could and could not be done. But still get similar or better results. Pictures helped to review anything that was not easily described.

I want to point out that Ilya executed the majority of the renovation while we were on vacation in a different time zone. He would share photos, give frequent updates, answer questions when asked. And while i had a neighbor available to answer any questions about the building or be available to assist, he was barely needed. Its amazing to have a renovation completed from afar while on vacation and not be stressed about the results.