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Renovate My Kitchen In Westchester

Posted by Jeff K.
Brief description

Kitchen is dated so putting in new cabinets and adding small island. Also want to open up entry way between kitchen and dining room as I tend to use dining room as main eating table.

Project details
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  • Style


Before Conditions

Functional but...

Scope of work

- demolition
- widening wall opening between kitchen and dining room (from when you were here, concluded not load bearing wall)
- plumbing / hookup for appliances. We would likely need to set up on propane until gas can come online when coned is complete
- backsplash work (cabinets and countertops installed by providers)
- replacing two windows where they are (for one would be taking out wall a/c unit and extend down window). Some minor exterior work may be required to fill in any holes.
- wood floors are staying in place but dealing with any transitions
- refinishing / cleaning up walls as part of project / adding crown molding to ceiling

I absolutely cannot recommend Steve and Nicole highly enough. We did an extensive kitchen renovation which also involved moving several walls around in an old, inherently complicated house. Throughout all aspects of the project, they were highly thoughtful, extremely well organized, highly communicative — and most importantly, the quality of their worksmanship was top notch. No detail was left untouched and Steve and Nicole sought perfection at all stages. They were instrumental in design choices and really made what is typically an unpleasant process pleasant and fun from start to finish. They have a great eye, excellent project management skills, and could get us to a great final product that we love. This was unlike any contractor experience we had heard about from friends as they were just a pleasure to work with. There were very few hiccups along the way that were swiftly solved. Steve and Nicole and honest and straightforward, so the project came in relatively on budget and on time (barring my own additions as I saw their work and wanted to do more!) I could go on and on about how happy I was working with them and would happy to provide prospective clients further detail on request.