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Partial Apartment Renovation

Posted by Brad C. in Park Slope
Brief description

1. Kitchen repair: Replace (2) base cabinets (dis/reconnect plumbing and appliances), new cabinet doors, repair corian c'top with integrated sink, new undercab lighting.
2. Renovate 1/2 bath: new door, patch walls, new cabinet
3. Refinish LR floor

Project details
  • Space

    Entire Unit

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  • Style


Before Conditions

Kitchen suffered water damage and staining from a pipe backup. Cabinetry was damaged and floor was stained. Otherwise, apartment is in very good condition. The 1/2 bath was previously water damaged, so I'll use this opportunity to renovate it.

Scope of work

Repairs and new work will match the existing style.
In addition to the kitchen cabinet replacement (photos 7865-66), the renovation work will include:
1. Floor refinishing (to match pickled finish) about 500sf
2. About 100' of new 6" baseboard
3. Install new ceiling fan (new electric required)
4. Paint LR / Kitchen walls / ceiling
4. For 1/2 bath, creating a new door opening, patching the old one (plaster skim finish), new vanity, new base cabinets (photos 7867-69)