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Ensuite For Audrey

Posted by Cicely M. in Saint Albans
Brief description

Need a small bedroom with adjoining bath for aging parent. Want to convert space above boiler and laundry space.

Budget has some flexibility and we hope it would be a turnkey project. Meaning the aesthetics, material and labor would be coordinated for us.

Must haves: are shower with seating, reclining tub not necessary, vanity, toilet, some accommodations for how to handle windows, senior grips, no major step up in or out of space. Closet storage or shelving, wet bar or hooks in shower area. Any other items we should consider?

Project details
  • Space


  • Services

    Design and Build

  • Style


Before Conditions

New construction

Scope of work

Convert room into bedroom with adjoining bathroom with senior accessible shower, no tub, hand held shower wand.

Deo is a fantastic contractor, very easy person to work with and has been a good resource and project partner. He listens to the ideas, offers suggestions and does a great job ensuring we "get the picture". Especially around the closet, the glass shower enclosure and down to the pocket door handle. He is great at responding, I appreciate him answering the call and thankful he demonstrated an outstanding work ethic, cooperation and grace. We learned a lot!!! Definitely would recommend him for customer work. The piping and subtle details were really good. Thank you again.

Fantastic and very open to adjustments. Extremely calm man. He stops, listens, confirms then verifies the details.

Handle the minor details like making sure the shelving were spaced adequately. He suggested the piping around the shower wall.