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Renovate My Multiple Rooms In Clinton Hill

Posted by Rita N. in Clinton Hill
Brief description

We would like a gut renovation of the bathroom and a re- work the kitchen. We need much more storage than we have now and like clean lines with little clutter. Although the rest of the apartment is in reasonable shape, we are open to suggestions for built-ins, etc.

Project details
  • Space

    Entire Unit

  • Services

    Design and Build

  • Style


Before Conditions

Functional but...

Bathroom needs to be gutted. Kitchen is more cosmetic but not sure. Both spaces are reasonably small.

Scope of work

1) We would like taller cabinets. We are tall and can reach high!
2) New stainless steel appliances (mid range but not extremely high end)
3) An island or peninsula to separate space from dining area but also welcome interaction with guests in the living room
4) Maximize counter top space because we love to cook
5) New floor/ceramic or tile not wood
6) Countertops for maximum workspace
7) Under cabinet lighting
1) Subway tiles
2) Full size bathtub with shower head and handset
3) Large medicine cabinet for storage of all things bathroom
4) Porcelain sink (not sure about under cabinet because it may make the bathroom look too crowded)
5) Any storage we can fit without clutter
6) Built in shelf in the shower wall to hold shampoos etc
7) Possibility of a fan which pulls air into the hallway but not sure
8) We like the more traditional yet sleek tiled bathrooms (no marble but good material on everything and easy to clean)
9) All materials in cabinets etc need to be non toxic. The apartment gets tons of light all year round and can get very hot so we would need colors that reflect, not hold the heat and do not produce chemicals at high temperatures.