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Kitchen & Bathroom Coop Renovation In Bayside, Queens

Posted by Gloria F. in Oakland Gardens
Brief description

We just closed on a 2 bedroom coop and want to update the unit to be more modern. Kitchen and bathroom appear original from 1950s

So the size of the entire coop is 700 sq ft (kitchen, bath, bedrooms, living room). The kitchen and bath are combined only ~53 sq ft. The plan is to redo the entire kitchen and bath while the rest of the coop is strictly painting and refinishing the hardwood flooring.

The wall painting of the living room, bedrooms and refinishing hardwood floors are "nice-to-have."

Project details
  • Space

    Entire Unit

  • Services


  • Style


Before Conditions


Mostly original from 1950s. Kitchen floor and painting were redone recently.

Scope of work

Kitchen: replace all cabinets appliances, lighting. Add combo washer/dryer and move refrigerator to another corner. New flooring.

Bathroom: Remove and install new tub, toilet, vanity set, tiles, flooring, lighting.


REPAINT Walls and Ceiling (Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, Bedrooms) Patch Cracks in Ceiling (Living Room, Bedrooms

FLOORS Stain and refinish hardwood (Living Room, Bedrooms

ELECTRICAL Update fuse box to circuit breakers, replace all electrical outlets

Frank, Nick, and company did a wonderful job renovating our coop, were extremely helpful (even with things they had no obligation to help us with), easy to reach and communicate, and very thorough. They cleaned up really well and organized all our leftover materials neatly in a closet. After everything was finished and paid we noticed some small cracks with the grout and they returned to patch it all up within the week; we didn't have to chase them down. We didn't find them to be dismissive, condescending, or pushy like other contractors; whatever we decided, they would do it without complaint (other contractors we spoke to complained about IKEA stuff but when our IKEA vanity wasn't closing right, Frank only explained why and then tried his best to make it work). Overall it was a pleasure working with them and the renovation process was a positive experience for us because of them.

They would talk to us about it and our options and sometimes, their opinion. They never tried to push their opinion on us though.

They were really helpful and did a lot of small things that were nice like putting sheetrock on the bathroom ceiling so that there wasn't an unsightly thin gap between the tile and ceiling, neatly stacking away leftover materials, setting the time on the oven, talking to our coop management because the management is super unhelpful and difficult, repairing the shoddy window and door replacement our coop did... just to name a few examples. Even on the last day Nick was trying to fix something on the window; it wasn't his responsibility to fix it but he said, "if I can fix it, then I'll fix it." And that kind of sums up their attitude: they went above and beyond what we asked for.