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Bedroom Walls Construction In Downtown Brooklyn (looking To Meet Asap)

Posted by Sophie D. in Brooklyn Heights
Brief description

Our apartment currently has a separation wall that creates spaces for 2 bedrooms, but the wall does not go up to the ceiling and we have no doors (loft-style). We want to replace the current wall with a full wall and create 2 separate rooms (1 adult bedroom + 1 small bedroom), with proper pocket doors, ceiling lights, etc.

Project details
  • Space

    Entire Unit

  • Services


  • Style


Before Conditions

Recently renovated

Scope of work

1) Demo existing wall + build new wall, approximate dimensions:
- 20 ft long (living room to bedrooms separation)
- 9 ft long (bedroom separation)
- 10 ft height
2) Install 1 single pocket door to Bedroom #1
3) Install 1 double pocket doors for Bedroom #2
4) Make some electric work for ceiling lightning + switches + install 4 or 5 new outlets.
5) Extend existing ventilation duct to closed bedrooms
6) Prime & Paint new walls
7) Misc. small finishes (wall trims, ...)

We really appreciated that they were ready to start when we needed them as we had to coordinate part of the works with an Airbnb and hotel rental. Also, even with some unexpected delays, Vincent (the owner) did his best to finish the work as soon as possible and respected the initial budget.

Unfortunately, we had to order the pocket doors a few times due to damages, and after some discussion they pulled through. The final doors look great but we wish this could have been avoided by inspecting the doors at the source and saved them the extra effort. Campo also had to improvise a way to stain and dry the doors off-site because we had to move back into our apartment by the time the final doors were delivered.

Vincent was very responsive from day 1. He gave us a detailed proposal for the work (that captured everything we discussed during his walkthrough), within our budget and he proactively followed up with us on various occasions. The transom window between the bedrooms looks awesome, and the wall joint finish by the windows is very well done, which was one of our original concerns but it turned out nicely. Vincent was great at advising us on some finishes like the HVAC vent grid in both bedrooms, or suggesting on how to patch up our HW floors by picking a perfectly matching stain. He also spontaneously offered to install our flat screen TVs with cables hidden within the walls. We loved it!