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Renovate Jh Apt

Posted by Ismail M. in Jackson Heights
Brief description

I will be closing on my one-bedroom apartment in Jackson Heights and would like to fully renovate the kitchen and bathroom. Depending on the cost, I am also interested in (1) having having the 5 closets renovated with shelving systems, (2) having the bedroom, living room, and foyer painted, and (3) having the floors in the bedroom, living room, and foyer sand and refinished (depending on their condition and recommendation from the contractor).

Project details
  • Space

    Entire Unit

  • Services


  • Style


Before Conditions

Functional but...; Not my style; Outdated

Scope of work

Full renovation of KITCHEN: 1. Replace all cabinetry with new ones. 2. Replace stove, range hood, dishwasher, refrigerator, and sink. 3. Replace floor tiles. 4. Add backsplash to the walls. 5. Perhaps create a custom bench for the eat-in dining portion of the kitchen. 5. Replace the face plates of the light switches and electrical outlets / update them. 6. Better lighting (new fixtures). 7. Replace ceiling fan. 8. Paint walls and doorway trim.

Full renovation of BATHROOM: 1. Replace existing tub with new soaking tub with glass panel instead of curtains OR replace existing tub with walk-in shower (seeking advice). 2. Replace existing tub and shower fixtures with new ones. 3. Replace toilet commode 4. Replace sink / vanity set. 5. Replace floor tiles. 6. Replace wall tiles (can be half of wall height or full). 7. Replace lighting fixtures. 8. Replace lighting switches and/or outlets. 9. Paint wall (if not fully tiled).

Bedroom: 1. Paint walls and ceiling - may be two or three different colors. 2. Merge two closets as one and put in a storage system OR replace two closet doors and update shelving storage system in both of them. 3. Sand and refinish floors. 4. Install window treatment. 5. May install gates on windows.

Living Room: 1. Paint walls and ceilings - may be two different colors. 2. Sand and refinish floors. 3. Install built-in shelves. 4. Install window treatment.

Foyer: 1. Paint walls and ceilings - may be two different colors. 2. Replace three closet doors and update shelving storage system in them. 3. Sand and refinish floors. 4. Replace lighting fixtures. 5. Install window treatment.

I was very fortunate to have Aleks and his team work on my apartment's renovation. From the start when I met him for the first time, Aleks was friendly, very meticulous and attentive to details. He proposed options and recommendations for my requirements without being aggressive. The scope of work he provided me was very detailed. Because of this, it took the property management company of my cooperative building only about 2 weeks to approve the work - full renovation of bathroom and kitchen, refinishing the floors, painting, replacing the closet shelvings and bars, and refinishing the closet doors. The work started on the last week of November 2017 and finished in mid-February 2018. There was a slight delay with the project due to the cabinet maker I selected, but Aleks and his team helped steer the project back on course. Aleks was very organized throughout the project. He was very timely with his status updates or when he needed me to provide decisions on certain matters. Aleks also has a very good team that works with him. They are all very diligent, experienced, friendly, and cordial. I will not hesitate to hire Aleks and his team again for any future renovation work that I may have. In fact, I recommended him to my friends and co-workers.