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Renovate My Bathroom

Posted by Brad A. in Prospect Heights
Brief description

I have a laundry closet adjoining the bathroom, and want to combine the two rooms to create a larger laundry space. Would involve tearing down the wall where the shower is and using the shower space for the washer-dryer units

Project details
  • Space


  • Services


  • Style

    Haven't decided yet

Before Conditions

Good condition but there is unused space (we are not using the shower in that bathroom)

Scope of work

Essentially I'd like to take our bathroom and make it a half-bath by replacing the shower with a washroom space for a washer-dryer. Perhaps add a folding table too.

Aleks' responsiveness, amiability and professionalism were all much appreciated. They gave me a proposal within days of seeing my condo and reviewing the project with me, and the project was completed within the expected time frame.

I was happily surprised by the suggestions and advice that was provided throughout the course of the project

The only challenge was we ended up making a couple changes to the original design, based on existing limits (we couldn't make the units stackable due to the location of the pipes) but the final results are very satisfying and the shelving is great.