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Gramercy Bathroom Renovation

Posted by Jessica K. in Greenwich Village
Brief description

I've been wanting to redo the bathroom since I purchased the apartment about 6 years ago. Looking to make cosmetic updates to both enjoy and ultimately increase the resale value.

Project details
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Before Conditions

Outdated; Not my style

Scope of work

BATHROOM: complete cosmetic redo-

Replace tiling on floors, walls, and bath (walls are currently mirrored and tiled)
Swap sliding door for frameless hinged bathtub door
Build and install custom makeup/vanity desk with mounted built ins shelves above.
Install new fixtures - sink, toilet, hardware.
** if possible move toilet slightly to right to make room for vanity.
Install recessed medicine cabinet: Kohler 23x30"
Install already bought Pottery Barn Vanity
Replace doors and frames in bedroom and bathroom
Install wall mounted sconces in bathroom

2 Radiator covers (one with built in hamper prices separately)
2 sconces
Reframe closet door
Closet shoe shelves pricing options

This is my second time doing a NYC renovation (first one was kitchen not through sweeten) and I cannot begin to tell you the difference in experience. Working with Eli and his team was SO easy and stress free. The quality of the work is fantastic and I am so pleased with how everything turned out!

I had some neighbors that were unhappy with some dust and noise (as can be expected during any apartment renovation) during the project. Eli handled the situation perfectly and smoothed over what would have otherwise been a difficult situation.

Project management - Eli was right on point with the timeline he initially provided, completing the entire bathroom renovation in 2.5 weeks. Every day they left the apartment clean and tidy and were very accommodating about the fact that my husband and I were living there through this work. Professionalism - The entire team was extremely professional through the duration of the project and I felt 100% confident leaving my apartment in their hands every day. Eli has clearly had a lot of experience working in NYC apartment buildings. He developed a good rapport with management and ensured a seamless experience.