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Make These 1.5 Bathrooms My Favorite Rooms (budget/scope Are Flexible)

Posted by Lynn W. in Park Slope
Brief description

We're closing on our home and would like to renovate our full and half bath and some additional items with the home before we move in on August 30.

Project details
  • Space

    Entire Unit

  • Services


  • Style


Before Conditions

Outdated; Functional but...; Not my style

Most of the space has been redone recently. The bathrooms need updating but are functional.

Scope of work

These are our priority must-haves. The rest we'd be willing to compromise:

1. Re-tile: Retile floors and finish the edge of 9” vertical rise of bathroom to floor (full bath)
2. Level: Level floor in closet (currently drops 1/2” from tile) (half bath)
3. Add
- washer/dryer - review electrical and plumbing to recommend what’s possible (half bath)
- electrical socket (currently there is none in the bathroom) (full bath)
4. Remove
- Remove floor tile and replace with polished concrete, built-in shelving to accommodate height of the washer/dryer (half bath)
- Remove shelf (full bath)
5. Replace
- Replace sink, sink fixtures, sink cabinet, vanity mirror (full bath)
- Replace wall-mount sink, door and hardware (half bath)
6. Install new hardware:
- laundry rod, toilet paper holder (half bath)
- Install new hardware: towel rod, toilet paper holder (full bath)

1. Sand down and refinish the floor under the front door: currently scrapes floor and does not fully open
2. Replace interior doors & hardware: 36” x 80” each. 2-panel sliding closet door. Replace sliding frame for smoother sliding movement
3. Install 2 window-unit air conditioners

Any renovation is a stressful experience, but David and his team helped us through it. After reaching out to many non-responsive and unwilling contractors in NY, I tried Sweeten and was put in touch with David. Our first walk-through gave me the impression that he was already hired and started to assess the work that needed to be done. His price was reasonable and transparent, given the timeline and scope. It was a fast renovation (apx 6 weeks) and David remained flexible and was willing to rescope in both small and big changes. His team was timely and I enjoyed working with them. David helped us achieve our vision, like getting our 1920's plumbing to accommodate a new washer and dryer, dropping an entire bathroom 9" in height and finding the right fixtures to accommodate an old system, knocking down walls and refinishing floors, hanging new doors and gutting odorous closets. David is a realist and honest and won't over-promise if something's impossible. His personality and communication style was initially gruff in the beginning, but I warmed up to him and his approach as I got to know him throughout the project.

David was not phased by the change orders throughout the project. Our initial scope changed quite a bit and he was flexible and willing to add on additional requests as we went along. When we opened up our walls, floors, and ceilings, there were many unpredictable surprises to address, but David was communicative and explained the work that was needed. I trusted his recommendations and the final product came out great.

We were under a bit of time pressure because we were moving out of a leased apartment and into our first home. Even with the additional scope changes, David was cognizant of our deadline and finished the major work before we moved in. A few cosmetic items were wrapped after we had moved but nothing disruptive. He's very communicative via text and phone and we were able to make decisions quickly and clearly. Everything is transparent: he keeps his scope of work updated so you know the final bill throughout.