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Bath And A Half In Fort Greene

Posted by Sandy M. in Park Slope
Brief description

We'd like to gut renovate a full and a half bath, but we have no idea of costs

Project details
  • Space

    Entire Unit

  • Services

    Design and Build

  • Style


Before Conditions

Functional but...

Scope of work

Full Bath:
Replace toilet, replace vanity + sink (pedestal sink?), replace tub with walk-in shower, replace medicine cabinet, new light fixtures. Tile the entire bathroom. Refurbish or replace radiator cover.
Half Bath:
Replace toilet, replace vanity + sink (pedestal sink?), build wall storage, replace medicine cabinet, new light fixtures. Refurbish or replace (remove??) radiator cover.

Donato + team could not have been better to work with! We unknowingly made some design and materials choices that complicated the work, but everything was done carefully, beautifully, completely. Donato was very patient with us, and creatively suggested alternative ways to accomplish what we wanted to do. Donato was very good at explaining why the work had to be sequenced as it was, and why (with two bathrooms that lacked windows) it was so important that materials fully dry or cure before the next stage. Every single worker who came into our house was careful about minimizing dust, footprints, and any disruptions, which we much appreciated, with work being done on two floors at the same time. It sounds like a simple thing, but Donato loves his work. He will always choose the technique or take the time to do something beautifully instead of simply competently. He seemed to be as excited as we were when the project came together, with so many elements and materials and colors and finishes finally could be seen as forming a whole. The project cost what Donato projected, to the penny (apart from a modest electrician bill, which we chose in order to do an upgrade necessary for an element we wanted). Again: we couldn't be happier.

1. Easily 2. Cheerfully 3. Calmly We had a bunch of moments of discovery, when what has been behind the wall or above the ceiling is revealed as a complicating factor for our plan. In no case did these 'issues' become 'problems'. We selected a mosaic tile for the main part of the powder room floor that was not only beautiful, but very complicated to cut and match. The (very experienced) tile guy needed nearly twice as many hours to complete the floor as he projected, and worked diligently and patiently into a Saturday night to get it done. No complaints, no rush ... just beautiful work, painstakingly done.

In being creative and responsive, for example, Donato reviewed our options with a niche in the shower wall that had to fit between studs, and would be tiled with a completely different tile; and with how a folding shower seat could be secured; and with how the plumbing inside a floating vanity could be turned to avoid cutting into the drawers of the vanity. When we wanted to add an infrared heat lamp to the master bath ceiling, for example, Donato explained the limitations of the current electrical system and what it would take to bring more power to the ceiling, letting us choose whether it was 'worth it' to bring an electrician to run an additional line. It was! And Donato then cheerfully installed a fixture that we had been warned was ridiculously difficult to install. Similarly, over the choice of sliding glass for the shower, Donato's advice was to select the doors that we liked best, regardless of installation difficulties, "we'll make it work". He did. Donato got to know us, and our style preferences. So when it came time to install a backsplash on a floating vanity with a vessel sink on top (as we had planned for the powder room), he suggested that we omit the backsplash for a more dramatic look. (The powder room is all about drama.) He explained the pros and cons, and we gladly went along with his suggestion.