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Renovate My Condo In Fort Lee

Posted by Chong M L. in Fort Lee
Brief description

Kitchen (minor structural change) and bathroom renovations. Carpets were removed and parquet floors were screened and refinished. Walls were patched and painted.

Project details
  • Space

    Entire Unit

  • Services


  • Style


Before Conditions

Outdated; Functional but...

Appliances and bathroom vanities from the 80's-90's. Original bathroom tiling and parquet floors from the 60's.

Scope of work

All plumbing and electrical were updated and brought up to current code. New appliances throughout.

Working together with Bruno was such a pleasant experience. He is very amiable, is full of ideas and is easy to communicate with. From our first meeting to the day of our final inspection, he has been cordial, arrived on time and was always tidy. While he implemented my vision and wishes for the space, Bruno also made several creative suggestions, offering direction and knowledge when I had to make tough decisions. The place turned out beautiful and we plan on calling on Bruno for minor tasks in the future.

We didn't have any major surprises, but when we did come across an unexpected event Bruno would tell us, "I'll figure it out." and he did. He would research at home to see if particular materials would fit together prior to installing them. He worked with the subcontractors to get their time lines tightened up so our project wouldn't be more delayed. He figured out compromises for aesthetics without compromising function or safety.

Service and communication. Though clearly much more knowledgeable about construction than us, Bruno listened to both of our wishes without being condescending or arrogant. I had met with a few other contractors while we were getting quotes and many of them would talk past me or only address my (male) partner. There was never a moment where Bruno dismissed our ideas. Also, midway through the project, my partner and I had to move in to the home and I really appreciate how Bruno tried to accommodate for our comfort.