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Help Make A Home For My Boys In Clinton Hill

Posted by Courtney R. in Prospect Heights
Brief description

My husband and I bought our 80's-outfitted apartment in the Clinton Hill Co Ops almost 11 years ago, thinking we'd save up and renovate "soon". Two little boys later, our converted 2 bedroom (parent bedroom=dining room) feels beyond dated and small. We plan to live in this wonderful community for a long time, but we need a brighter, updated apartment with lots of storage solutions. We'd love to look for ways to maximize space creatively, add more light, and "open up".

Project details
  • Space

    Entire Unit

  • Services

    Design and Build

  • Style

    Haven't decided yet

Before Conditions

Outdated; A little worn; Falling apart

Probably had not been updated since the early 90's, and when updated, it was a quick, low budget one.

Scope of work

1. Open it up, knock out wall (or walls) that house a pocket door
2. Potentially knock out old wall of "built in" cupboards
3. new floor
4. new cupboards
5.. new counters
6. install dishwasher (don't have one)and maybe look into installing a combo washer/dryer (one unit)
7. all new appliances
8. new stove hood/microwave
1. new floor
2. all new tile
3.new sink/vanity
4. new toilet and tub, shower head, etc
4.new wall mirror and storage
5.. re wire lighting to overhead
1.Skim coat and paint
2. explore built in storage options
New hardwood throughout apt
1. creative shelving and storage solutions (cabinets, etc installed on walls or built in-along entire full wall)
2. possibility of some demo and rebuild of current closet
Dining Room (currently used as bedroom)
1.Either knock out pre fab wall OR investigate ways to brighten up the room (french doors?)
2.maybe Murphy bed installation
Living room
1. potential for sliding wall/doors to create bedroom
2. Murphy bed on back wall?
Re wire apartment for recessed lighting (currently only overhead lighting is in the kitchen)
replace/remove dated wall sconces

As first-time renovators (who had been contemplating the process for years), Nick was the perfect contractor. He was prompt, thoughtful, and realistic. He had worked on many units within our co-ops in Clinton Hill, so we felt confident that he knew the buildings, and that there would be no surprises. My husband and I were kind of all over the place about what we wanted, and he did a fantastic job of listening, proposing creative options, and then patiently letting us decide. He was honest about the budget and timeline, and if we ever asked for anything that would really increase cost, he sat us down and walked us through how much over budget it might take us. He was incredibly accessible throughout the process, and he even sent his business partner with us to pick out tile when we were feeling overwhelmed. Our finished apartment is beautiful, and exactly what we wanted. I highly recommend Nick!

Nick helped convince us to build out our second ad-hoc bedroom (that was originally a dining room)into the living room 1.5 feet or so. Based upon his suggestion, we gained a room with a full size closet, plus space for our queen size bed. It's been a great bonus, and we officially have a 2 bedroom. Nick also found a way to install a second storage closet in our boy's bedroom without losing any space, and now all of their toys stay in their room, as opposed to our living room. Finally, he suggested a small counter along a wall in our kitchen with stools and chalkboard paint for my two young boys. This might be everyone's favorite space! My kids work out their homework on the chalkboard while we cook, and it keeps us all close and engaged.