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Renovate My Apartment In Williamsburg

Posted by Vitoria H. in Williamsburg
Brief description

We are closing in a co-op apartment in South Williamsburg. Closing will happen in 2 months from now, but I would love to already have a price and time estimate. The apartment is in decent conditions but the finishes are not very much our taste.

Project details
  • Space

    Entire Unit

  • Services


  • Style


Before Conditions

Functional but...; Not my style

Scope of work

Replace floors in the entire unit. I would love to have either engineered oak floors or polished concrete (whatever is more budget friendly).
replace floors, use vintage looking black and white hexagonal tile. (bathroom)

Add under the sink cabinetry (bathroom)
Add sliding doors to existing closet "hole," put some shelves inside. (bedroom)
replace closet doors. Perhaps build a tiny office nook inside the closet. (foyer)

replace countertop (white corian or something like that) - kitchen
also replace backsplash.

We really enjoyed working with Donato. He was excited about the project and was very serious about all the details that we might have overlooked. Having him purchase the materials was essential; it saved us a lot of money. The project had some delays. However, Donato's commitment in staying in our strict budget compensated for any misfortune. He has a refined taste and is a lighthearted person, making the hurdles of renovating a little more bearable.

As with many of the older buildings in New York City, our apartment had many surprises; un-level floors, leaking pipes, etc. Donato took the extra time needed to remeasure, refit, bend, cut, find replacement parts, whatever necessary to get the job done , and most importantly in a way that we would be happy with the final product.

Donato's commitment to doing things the right way may be his best attribute. Also, We believe that Donato strength in suggesting and sourcing the best materials is one of his great attributes. On numerous instances, He was able to save us money by hunting further or considering great alternatives to materials. By suggesting and guiding us through aesthetic decisions, Donato helps us achieve are goals while considering technical logistics as well as resale value. Donato's commitment to doing things the right way may be his best attribute.