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Renovate My Kitchen In Clinton Hill!

Posted by Viju S. in Clinton Hill
Brief description

I've lived here for just over 3 years. My kitchen is functional and decent in appearance but I would prefer a modern, updated look. I really enjoy cooking and would love to improve its functionality -- I'm mostly looking for more counter space, modern cabinets that reach near the ceiling, and good work lighting. I also think minor changes, like adjusting counter dimensions, could create more open space and improve organization.

Project details
  • Space


  • Services


  • Style


Before Conditions

Functional but...; Not my style; Outdated

Scope of work

- replace/ add cabinets
- replace / add counter
- under cabinet worklights
- replace backsplash
- replace appliances - dishwasher, stove, refrigerator

Eli and his team are true professionals. I am still in awe of my new kitchen and how much it improves the apartment and my quality of life. It is even better than I imagined it would be. Shai, his stellar designer came first and took his time looking around the kitchen, measuring, and learning about what I wanted. He then made 3 dimensional models, which went through several changes and he came by my apartment to discuss in person. He has a great understanding of what makes a kitchen functional and had many useful suggestions. Once the design was finalized, Eli and his team of many years completed the demolition in just a few hours. They were always careful to protect my floors and walls. They worked steadily and efficiently to make a kitchen that perfectly fit the design. When there were slow downs because of issues with my management company, Eli handled them kindly and professionally and stayed in touch, so that work could resume as soon as possible. Every final detail was taken into account; for example, all cabinet doors align and move perfectly, the tiles are perfectly aligned, the shelves were stained to match my cabinets. The overall effect is stunning.

Extremely professionally, even though it threw off their schedule with other clients.

Eli was great at communicating throughout the process. Their work was extremely precise.