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Pelham Bathrooms And Other Finishings

Posted by Alexy S.
Brief description

We are closing on our new home in April and are expecting a baby at the end of June. In preparation for our new arrival we would like to renovate the second floor bathroom to make it more family-friendly. We would also like to add a powder room and closet on the main floor and finish some closet spaces throughout the house. If time/costs allow, we are also interested in adding a master bath, redoing the entry area, and adding some new built-ins.

Project details
  • Space

    Entire Unit

  • Services

    Design and Build

  • Style

    Haven't decided yet

Before Conditions

Functional but...

Home is in good condition overall.

Scope of work

Second floor bathroom:
1. Reconfigure footprint to include some space from the hallway, add linen storage space, and expand closet in abutting bedroom
2. Replace existing shower with a full tub
3. Replace vanity with new one - two sinks if space allows
4. Redo floor and install radiant heat - to enable removal of radiator
Powder room:
1. Build new powder room in place of existing stairway to basement
2. Close off access to stairs from below
3. Move doorway to powder room over several inches
4. Install new door to the powder room, possibly a pocket door
5. Install ventilation/bathroom fan
Main floor closet:
1. Build coat closet in office
Other closets:
1. Finish floors and walls
2. Add shelving and hanging rods
3. For attic closet that runs the length of the roof line, add new entry point(s) to enable easier access