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Renovate My Bathroom In Cos Cob

Posted by Joel H. in Greenwich
Brief description

Concerning the layout we want to make the best use of the available space… being as small as it is doesn’t leave a lot of room for creativity but we think it can be better configured than it is now (for example there’s a huge pedestal sink that takes up a lot of room). We haven’t even considered materials or fixtures as of yet. Something classic that would fit in with the age of the house while also offering more modern amenities (EG: overhead lights in the shower!). We like tile.

Project details
  • Space


  • Services

    Design and Build

  • Style

    Haven't decided yet

Before Conditions


Was last renovated as far as we know in 1979.

Scope of work

Need a gut renovation of a small bathroom(7' x 6.5') in a 117 year old house. The bathroom was added to the house at some point and was last renovated (I think) in 1979. Gut renovation down to the studs... while there is a small hot water radiator in the room it doesn't heat the room at all. I'm pretty sure there is no insulation in the walls. We had the crawlspace underneath the bathroom spray insulated a few months ago but it hasn't helped.

Alfonso is incredibly thorough. He's a problem solver. If you have a concern about something he'll make it right. He's also incredibly friendly and a pleasure to work with.

What wasn't a surprise? We knew we had issues as the room was incredibly cold last year(we bought the house in August 2016) and it turns out there were holes in the walls, piping and electrical weren't up to code so piping and wires had to be moved or re-worked. They handled everything with professionalism and patience.

Everything. From rebuilding a wall to moving plumbing to painting, everyone on the team was knowledgeable and capable. They also showed up early and stayed late. They all did a great job.