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Renovate My Bathroom In Jackson Heights

Posted by Daniel G. in Jackson Heights
Brief description

Our bathroom is slightly out-dated and not to our taste. Instead of spending money maintaining it, we'd rather do a full reset. Plus, we need a bathtub.

Project details
  • Space


  • Services

    Design and Build

  • Style

    Haven't decided yet

Before Conditions

Not my style; A little worn

Scope of work

1. Remove wall and floor tile and fixtures.
2. Install a new bathtub/shower combo back in what would have been its original location before the prior owner's renovation.
3. Try to solve a hot water issue.
4. Install new wall and floor tile, new fixtures, etc.
5. Explore possibility of a new room heating solution (the steam radiator is mounted high on the wall and doesn't do much in the winter).

Nick and his father Frank were wonderful to work with from start to finish of our full bathroom renovation. They were easily reachable and quick to respond, answered all of our questions clearly, and helped us figure out the path to completion of our renovation. They were incredibly patient at all times throughout the process, went above and beyond to help us realize our vision, and were reasonable at all times. They were totally present and on-site throughout the renovation, and stuck to the projected schedule, finishing on time! Very, very highly recommended.

They communicated promptly and clearly, made our options clear to us, and helped us figure out the best solution to any small hurdles that popped up.

Great communication, were truly present and on-site, easy to work with, fastidious and detail-oriented. Pleasure to work with!