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Renovate My Kitchen In Clinton Hill Coops

Posted by Anne D. in Prospect Heights
Brief description

Our kitchen in the Clinton Hill Co=ops is out of date. We want to open it up to the living area. We have seen many sweeten projects in the complex and would love somebody familiar with the complex.

Project details
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Before Conditions

Functional but...

Scope of work

1. knock down walls to open up to living area.
2. close up hallway entrance to make more counter space
3. replace flooring
4. replace cabinets
5. upgrade appliances, add dishwasher

We had a great experience working with Nick. He was incredibly professional and helpful to us first-time renovators. He made everything extremely clear and always found a solution to some tricky problems.

Nick was great at tackling all of our problems - any issue or problem and Nick was incredibly responsive. Either he or one of his guys was on site immediately to remedy whatever was going on. We had some serious delays with the cabinets we picked and Nick and team were extremely flexible. Everything stayed on budget despite the delays.

We live in Clinton Hill Coops and Nick had a great relationship with our building and was able to get all the necessary approvals and permits very quickly and with very little intervention on our part. He really handled everything and that was great. As we are new to the building - his relationships with building staff etc were sometimes better than ours in terms of knowing who to call etc.. He also helped us source a lot of the appliances, and materials for our kitchen. Again this was very helpful for 2 first-timers with limited time to throw into researching where to get tile, counters, etc. We did price comparisons and the prices for the materials through Nick's contacts were always competitive.