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Renovate Kitchen And Bath In Clinton Hill

Posted by Jim F. in Clinton Hill
Brief description

Just bought an apartment in Clinton Hill Co-ops that was lived in by a rent-controlled tenant and has been essentially untouched for 40+ years.

Project details
  • Space

    Entire Unit

  • Services

    Design and Build

  • Style


Before Conditions


Not touched in 40+ years

Scope of work

Kitchen/Living/Dining: Renovate and open up/enlarge kitchen by removing non-load-bearing walls and cabinets. All new appliances, cabinets, etc.
Convert current dining area or part of living room to create small 2nd bedroom/office space while preserving views
Bathroom: Total redo. New tiles, fixtures, lighting, etc. Refinish original cast-iron tub.

We are very happy with the work that Kris and his team did for us on our kitchen/bath renovation. Kris was great at helping us think through the details of our project, giving us options when decisions had to be made, and helping us understand the implications of those decisions. This team is composed of master craftspeople who do very high-quality and precise work. For example, the custom cabinetry they built and installed for us is world-class. We had very few issues arise, but when they did, Kris and team handled them smoothly and without drama. And Kris's wife Natalia helped us understand the schedule of what needed to happen week to week, such as when we needed to have certain items delivered. She also did a great job at managing any change orders and the financial side of the project. The best part is that Kris and team delivered our project on-time and on-budget and accelerated a few things to enable us to move back in by Christmas Eve!

We really didn't have any major issues/surprises, although we did find the old french doors after the project started but thankfully early enough that Kris was able to use them as the centerpiece of the pocket door he built. We actually texted him a photo of the doors while we were at the estate sale and he replied immediately, saying he could use them as long as they were not warped.

Kris' team was very upfront and honest about the downstream effects (added time and money) of any big changes we might request once the project began. This helped us make sure we all had a detailed understanding of and agreement on our plans before work started. As a result, the number of in-process changes we required were minimal and had little time/money impact. One of the reasons we picked Kris as our contractor is that he and his team are experts at building sliding doors and partitions. They did an amazing job on our pocket door and were able to smoothly incorporate the old french doors we found at an estate sale.