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Renovate My Apartment In Upper East Side

Posted by Ying L. in Upper East Side
Brief description

We have been renting out the apartment for the past 5 years and due to HOA regulations, we aren't able to rent this year so we would like to update the apartment overall and make it a bit more modern and stylish.

Project details
  • Space

    Entire Unit

  • Services

    Design and Build

  • Style


Before Conditions

Functional but...

Functional but would like to give it a fresh look

Scope of work

New custom shelving units against one side of the wall
Fresh paint throughout
Remove one closet and build out open shelves
Might make improvements in the shower/tub area pending what it currently looks like
Possibility to update cabinetry in the kitchen but will need to evaluate budget
Ceiling lighting added to the apartment

It was an easy and painless experience working with them. Gary and his team made what I thought would be a daunting project, very manageable!

Gary and his team were on top of thing. Whenever something went wrong in terms of a broken installation or the wrong lighting fixture being shipped, they managed all of the back-and-forth with the vendors.

Managing the board and consistently following up to ensure we get the OK to start renovation! I think that was the most frustrating and long process but Gary and his team kept on it. Once we did get the board approval ( it was about a five week process), the timeline didn't shift all that much. Gary and his team were able to make up for the time without compromising any of the design elements or the craftsmanship.