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Tribeca Condo Renovations

Posted by Sarah S. in Tribeca
Brief description

We're moving into a new home. We want to make a 2-bedroom unit into a 3-bedroom. We also want to do some updating in the kitchen, and refinishing of the hardwood floors. Finally, we have some minor bathroom work to do.

Project details
  • Space

    Entire Unit

  • Services

    Design and Build

  • Style


Before Conditions

A little worn; Outdated

A little old (probably 15-20 years old) but maintained well.

Scope of work

1. Sand down and restain hardwood floors
2. Extend overhead track lighting to another wall of the living room
1. Break down existing walls enclosing 2nd bedroom
2. Construct walls to create 2 new bedrooms.
1. New cabinet doors and fixtures
2. Backsplash
3. Electrician to install GTCI compliant outlets
4. Washer/Dryer piping replacement
5. Some appliance replacement (e.g. microwave, fridge). Also would like to move refrigerator to a new location, and extend a water line so we could have a new fridge with an ice and water dispenser.
6. Replace sink and faucet
7. Considering extending out the kitchen counter to create more of an overhang.
1. Replace toilets
2. Tile regrouting
3. fix slow drain in one of the bathroom sinks
4. GTCI compliant outlets

My husband and I very highly recommend Aleks and his team. Going into our renovation, we were apprehensive -- we had heard so many stories from friends about their contractors falling way behind schedule, costing them more than expected, or sacrificing quality. We had also just had a new baby and it was a stressful time in our lives. Coming out of our project, we are thrilled to say that we had nothing but an outstanding experience and the end product is an apartment that we are so happy living in with our family. It was also completed in a timely fashion and within the budget we expected. The team that Aleks brought to our project was great. We felt that they were very trustworthy and good at their individual areas of expertise. While we were happy with the foreman who was present on a daily basis, Aleks himself, as a leader, was also very involved. He always knew exactly what was happening on our project, and he was quick to step in and resolve issues or questions whenever they arose. Aleks and team also did a few things for us that just went above and beyond the scope of the project, to leave us with a great finished product.

One unexpected challenge in our project was the timeframe that the team had to complete the job. Our board took an unexpectedly long time to approve our plans, and we had a date that we needed to move into our apartment -- thus shortening the window for work to get done. Aleks kept in close communication with us, and helped us do everything we could possibly do upfront (such as choosing and purchasing long-lead materials) so that his team could hit the ground running as soon as we had all the approvals. Once they started work, the team worked efficiently and effectively. They went fast, but without cutting corners, and we were able to get into the apartment in our desired timeframe. At the end of the project, the team did a great job of helping us to tie up loose ends -- even ones that we hadn't realized were going to be an issue. For instance, we hadn't realized that the only cable TV hookup was actually coming into through one of the kids' bedrooms, which clearly wasn't desirable. The team spent extra time rewiring it into the main living area so that we didn't have to have that in our son's room. Overall when they completed the work, we truly felt like they had checked all the boxes (and then some!) that we'd asked them to check. This team is absolutely equipped to handle the challenges and changes that arise on renovation jobs. They took ours in stride and kept pushing to ensure that we could move forward.

The work overall was very high quality. In particular, the carpentry skills were very good. We had to remove built-ins, reconfigure them to new rooms, and reinstall. The finished product salvaged a lot of the built-ins, and nobody would ever guess that they were recycled. Before the work actually began, Aleks worked with us to refine our vision. He absolutely did not "upsell" us, but helped us think through what was really needed to get to a good overhaul of our space. We ended up doing more with our kitchen than we'd originally planned, and now that's one of the rooms we love the most. He also gave his opinion on things that we could do to avoid big costs but still get a nice look (e.g. refinishing the floors rather than replacing).