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Apartment Combo In Upper West Side

Posted by Zoe C. in Upper West Side
Brief description

About to close on a purchase of my neighboring co-op apartment (alcove studio) and I am planning on doing a combination with my existing apartment (1br). The finished apartment will be around 1200sqf. 3BR.
The renovation scope of work is already approved by the building (details to be sent). Prefer to find a design-build company that can do drawing and filing, but it's not a must. I can retain an architect independently.
Plan to start construction in mid June 2017.

Project details
  • Space

    Entire Unit

  • Services

    Design and Build

  • Style


Before Conditions

Outdated; Functional but...

Apartment Combo. No load bearing wall in place.

Scope of work

Remove two existing kitchens. Cap gas and water line in one of the old kitchen space.
Install cabinets, appliances, sink, faucet
Run new copper water line to the fridge location
Install new Laticrete Hydro Ban waterproof membrane turned up the walls a minimum of 6 inches

Guest bathroom
Ripped out everything including old bath tub
Make walk-in shower with frameless door
Install all fixtures, medicine cabinet (niche) and light fixture above med cabinet
Tile and grout bathroom walls midway up with tile and all the way to the ceiling in shower area
Create one niche for shampoo/soap storage
Install new Laticrete Hydro Ban waterproof membrane turned up the walls a minimum of 6 inches

Master bath (no change whatsoever. keep)

Ripped out old parquet (glued to concrete) and install new flooring with acoustical underlayment
Install new base molding around the perimeter of the apartment EXCEPT walk-in-closet and office

Partial demo some walls and frame to make 3br layout
Remove all existing closets
Remove all existing base molding

Frame and install 6 pre-hung standard single door on framing
Frame and install 1 pocket doors on framing (Master BR WIC)
Frame and install 1 barn door (on office opening)

Replace and relocate existing (2) electrical box with new breakers
Replace all existing outlet to new ones, in existing locations
Replace all existing light switches to new ones (Dimmers where necessary) - Approx 10

Plaster, sand, prime and paint entire apartment walls and ceiling (Up to 3 different colors)

New Laundry
Run a new dedicate line for the washer dryer (220V)
Tile and grout the washer/dryer floor area and prepare for wet area
Apply waterproofing membrane in washer/dryer area (laticrete 9235)
Install the automatic shutoff sensor with a pan on the floor
Run a waste pipe from the existing bathroom or nearby to the new washer/dryer location
Run hot and cold water branch lines to the washer/dryer location
Install washer and dryer in prepared location
Install stone saddle for laundry room

It is a breeze working with Aaron and Jonathan for our apartment combination project. We looked at quite a few design-build companies and chose their team because of the smooth/prompt communication and the fact that they can manage most of the material purchasing and product selection for us. (Plus Aaron's great taste in sneakers put us at ease about whether they have the "eyes" for our taste.) We were originally uncertain about the "all-in" total budget approach. Aaron patiently explained it and clarified all questions we had. We were very pleased that we stayed on budget throughout the process even if the project went 6 weeks over. They are not the type of contractor who will bill you for overtime and small changes. They are honest. Proud of their work. And take responsibilities. During the construction, we got to know all the workers and really enjoyed having them around. (And even know all their personalities and preferred playlists!) They are respectful and diligent. Most importantly, very experienced and are able to give good suggestions and make decisions. We lived onsite for the second half of the project. It was definitely messy and frustrating at times, but the crew made it easier for us. We truly appreciate that. Of course, like any project, there are hiccups, changes and delays. But our project manager Jonathan always stayed on top of everything and pushed things through. Jonathan is a super human who remembers all the tedious little things and always got back to us. We are happy with his designs and inputs. Overall, we are very satisfied with our choice of contractor and how the project turned out. Our 3 bed, 2 bath Scandinavian mid-century apartment gets a lot of compliments, Everyone asks for our contractor's number. RECOMMEND!

Budget management - Stay on budget while having some flexibilities. Communication - the project management app is very streamlined and helpful.