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Need A Total Upgrade

Posted by Betty C.
Brief description

the previous homeowners were living in there for the last 40 years. We would like to update the whole house including bathroom, kitchen, flooring.

Project details
  • Space

    Entire Unit

  • Services


  • Style


Before Conditions

Not my style; Outdated

Scope of work

Kitchen - would like to remodel from scratch (new counter tops)
Bathroom - we have three bathrooms that needs to be completely remodeled
Living room - would like to open up a wall into the living room
need to remove all the wood paneling
need to redo all the floors

We had a pretty big job and was concerned about the unexpected costs especially given our tight budget. Mark made it a priority to deliver quality work versus squeezing more money out of us like other contractors. We had gutted almost the entire house and his team was able to deliver. They provided great quality tiling, framing, plumbing and central air installation.

There were many setbacks when dealing with our strict town, but Mark and his team was able to swiftly address any issues the town had.

The tiling job was excellent given our house was not always completely leveled or squared. Was impressed with the central air installation as they were able to keep us from losing closet space. Everything was thoughtfully done.