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Renovate 3 Bedroom Apartment In Park Slope

Posted by Aimee W. in Park Slope
Brief description

We recently closed on a three bedroom apartment that needs almost a complete renovation.

We are able to stay in our old apartment during renovations.

OUR BUILDING'S APPROVAL PROCESS & REQUIREMENTS: Our building is a self-managed, 4-unit coop. The building itself does not have an alterations agreement. We asked what they required for changes, and they just want to see a plan and insurance from a contractor. We have designers working on finalizing the plan right now. We hope to have it by Monday, and then to submit to the Board shortly thereafter. Of course, we don't know what the board

Project details
  • Space

    Entire Unit

  • Services

    Design and Build

  • Style


Before Conditions

Falling apart

The plaster on the walls is cracking and there are many areas that need to be patched. There is one bathroom, which needs renovation, and we want to add a second. There is very little left of the kitchen - just a sink and small stove. However, there are lots of original details that we would like to preserve.

Scope of work

There are several things we need to do to make the apartment livable:

upgrade the electrical,

remodel the kitchen (there is really nothing usable there now),

update the windows,

deal with lead paint and pealing plaster,

repair and re-varnish the floors.

If possible, we would also like to:

where the walk in closet is (hopefully with a stall shower if we can fit it)

add a washer dryer in the hallway

near the entrance

possibly make some changes in the office space

We are pleased with the overall results of our work with Aaron. Their support on the design and their dedication to completing the work well led to a beautiful gut renovation that we love. However, severe delays, communication issues, and a lack of attention once the bulk of our project was complete made the experience much more challenging than it needed to be. We suspect that some subcontractor challenges and staff turnover resulted in some of our issues, and hope that these are resolved so that we can more whole-heartedly endorse them.

They were very quick to resolve some issues. For example, when, after some work was done in our bathroom, we found one of our good kitchen knives lying under our sink covered in plaster and with the tip broken off, they immediately apologized and replaced the knife. Unfortunately they did not handle some unexpected issue very well. The electrician they subcontracted was unable to complete the work in a timely manner so we were not able to use most of our appliances until about a few weeks after the date we set for project completion. Some appliances were not finished for several more months after that. We understand that delays happen, but we were not kept informed about the issues and had to ask many, many times about the plan for our project before we got a clear answer. We wish they would have switched to another electrician, or at least kept us fully information about the plan.

They helped us to think through our apartment design to make the best use of space. We could not have created such an optimal layout without them. We also appreciated that they were willing to complete items that were not part of the original scope of work, like hanging shelves and even our TV.