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Renovate My Lic Apartment

Posted by Sarah K. in Long Island City
Brief description

We have 1150 square feet and the apartment is currently configured as a one bedroom, two bathroom, with a large living space. We would like to create a second bedroom. We would like the space to feel open even though the ceilings are low (8 feet).

Project details
  • Space

    Entire Unit

  • Services

    Design and Build

  • Style

    Haven't decided yet

Before Conditions

Functional but...

The building was built in 2006.

Scope of work

1. Create an efficient design to maximize the space
2. Build a second bedroom
3. Update the kitchen
4. Update two bathrooms
5. Update lighting fixtures
6. Update A/C units
7. Replace floors

We highly recommend this firm! When we began the renovation process, we had no idea what we were doing. We were very fortunate to be introduced to Paulina and her team via Sweeten. They are a very trustworthy family business, something that is truly unique. They also handles both design and build, which was essential for us. Paulina guided us through the renovation of our entire apartment. Paulina has great taste and ideas and made everything stress-free for us. She created a vision, created beautiful 3D designs, helped us pick out materials, and coordinated everything! Albert, Andy and the rest of the team built wonderful kitchen cabinetry, bedroom closets, barn doors, and more, and executed the entire renovation. Working with this firm was a wonderful experience and you would be very lucky to work with them!

We were thankful that they discovered a leak coming in from the exterior of our building, which we had not noticed. They were extremely patient through delays that were beyond their control, and actually helped us coordinate with our management company so that the exterior leak could be fixed and we could avoid any further damage to the interior of our apartment. They also helped us find toilets that would work with our building's unique plumbing, which required much research and coordination.

They handle the management of the entire renovation process extremely well which was invaluable for renovation novices such as ourselves! Their handling of both design and build made everything so easy for us. Paulina guided us and also listened to our ideas in coming up with the designs. She also handled all of the logistics in terms of ordering and returning materials. She also coordinated with our management company and handled all the legal requirements. All of this made the renovation process stress-free for us! They also created custom kitchen cabinetry which completely maximized the space in our kitchen. Their millwork was also awesome in maximizing the space in a walk-in closet and creating a beautiful new master bedroom closet. The quality of their work cannot be overstated.