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Renovate 477 Broome

Posted by Ryan H. in Tribeca
Brief description

We just had a baby and need to make the mostly open loft more livable. We need to add a nursery, custom millwork for storage, split system AC, and update kitchen & bath.

Project details
  • Space

    Entire Unit

  • Services


  • Style


Before Conditions

Functional but...

needs updates, storage and nursery

Scope of work

* Expose brick in living room long wall (right of entry way)
* Expose brick in bedroom wall behind bed
* Temp wall between bedroom and main room

* Still do long storage bench along long living room wall
* built-in closets in master

Windows & AC
* Replace windows
* Add split system AC unit

* Drywall to close off master
* Add nursery bedroom

* Keep layout, just replace cabinets and appliances

* Update tile, hardware and fixtures

* Update tracklights, chandeliers, etc.

We are basically, updating kitchen, bath, and adding AC, storage and bedrooms.

Aaron and his team helped us through a gut renovation of our loft in Soho. Our scope included formalizing our master bedroom and closet, adding a nursery, new floors and windows, re-exposed brick, painting, new light fixtures, additional built-ins, gutting the kitchen and bath and updated them to luxury-level specs, etc. Aaron's team Eli and Jonathan were excellent partners in making this happen. Their communication-level and attention to detail were really appreciated. The project came-in on time and stuck to the fixed-priced budget. We did ask for a few additional items that expanded the scope by a few weeks. They were up-front with the pricing and timing impact of those items and we always felt that everything was fair. Most importantly, they were like partners in the project: providing ideas, problem-solving and helping get the best service and pricing from the few outside vendors we needed along the way. They were also considerate of our building stakeholders including the board, super, neighbors. They coordinated directly with our super on deliveries, demo removal and service cut-offs and other engineering issues. They were respectful of my neighbors and accommodated their concerns (nothing major happened, but it was appreciated). Everyone in the building came away with an overall positive impression of the crew and I would expect that to lead to more business for their firm in the future. So, overall, we were extremely happy with the results of our project and with Aaron's work. The changes are exactly what we hoped for and we would use them again on the next apartment :)

They were great about keeping us "in the loop" with any issues that came up and with helping us troubleshoot. Also, they were fast to catch the few minor mistakes made by the crew and corrected those quickly. So, Jonathan and Eli showed great attention to detail which just overall contributed to the timeliness and quality of the final product.

Again, great communication. They ran the project through the "buildertrend" app. So, I always had an updated calendar, pictures, messages, decisions, selections, etc. Further, I was in constant phone communication with my project manager, Eli, and we met at the job site to review next steps on a weekly basis (or more or less depending on need). We also appreciated the fact that the last payment wasn't due until the entire punch list was completed and signed-off on by us. In fact, we had a few light fixtures (that we ordered) come in a few months after the project completion, and Aaron's team was good about coming back to install those as well. For what its worth, a neighbor (using a different contractor) started their renovations on a same-sized unit with similar scope about a month after we started our project. Three months after we completed, they STILL are NOT done. So, that helps frame-up the difference in delivery-level between this crew and another crew.