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Renovate My Outdated Park Slope Bathroom

Posted by Katie R. in Park Slope
Brief description

We are are closing on our first apartment in 2 weeks and would like to renovate the master bathroom with new tile floors. We'd like a new tub, toilet, and vanity, which will require ripping out the current tiled vanity, tiled tub, and a mirrored wall.

Project details
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    Design and Build

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Before Conditions

A little worn; Functional but...; Not my style; Outdated

Scope of work

Bathroom: 1. Knock out tiled vanity, remove wall mirror, remove floor and wall tiles, remove tub and tun tiles, remove toilet, remove toilet paper holder, potentially renovate current interior mini bathroom closet. 2. Replace all tile, drywall the formerly mirrored wall above old vanity, put in new vanity, repaint walls. Add new tub and fixtures, sink and sink fixtures, hang mirrored medicine cabinet, replace light fixture and hang sconce.

We could not be more thrilled with our gut renovated master bathroom, thanks to the impeccable work of this team. The contractors who work for them were kind, efficient, and easy to co-exist with for the duration of the 5 week project. We've even had friends come by from out of state and tell us they'd like to mimic our bathroom in their house! Construction is a pain in the ass, especially when you are living in the construction zone, but they made it as workable as possible.

We started with a very outdated bathroom that had water damage and then discovered rotted beams after the demolition. They dealt expertly with both problems and provided multiple waterproofing systems to prevent any future damage. When a section of tile that we hadn't noticed looked off to Eli, he had the tile worker re-do it to be sure the job was of the highest caliber.

The bathroom itself is beautiful - modern, elegant, and chic. As for the process itself, this firm offers guidance on bathroom design and fixtures via their very helpful app, BuilderTrend. Also, Eli, our amiable and devoted project manager, was always in touch with us providing updates on the bathroom's status, as well as thoroughly communicating with the residents of the building about water shutdowns or noise.