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Build Two Walls And A Door For A Second Bedroom

Posted by Elizabeth W. in Clinton Hill
Brief description

We would like to build a second bedroom into a corner space in our apartment by adding two walls and a sliding door.

Project details
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Before Conditions

The space is currently being used as a dining room. It is in a corner of the apartment with windows on both walls. Much of the light in the apartment comes through one of these windows, which faces west.

Scope of work

We would like to turn this space into a child's bedroom, while preserving as much of the light flow into the rest of the apartment as possible. To do this, we would like to add two walls, with a large translucent-glass or translucent-plastic sliding door covering most or all of the western-facing wall parallel to the western window. This series of pictures is ideal: www.raydoor.com
I would also like to build in a small doorless closet behind the spot where the sliding doors rest when open with some drawers and shelves in it.

Kris spent time with us carefully designing the new space and proposed ideas for preserving light that we hadn't thought of. His experience with sliding doors was key.

Not really -- it was a very, very smooth process.

Yes. I didn't imagine it would be possible to really build the room in one week, but it happened!