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Renovate My Kitchen In Park Slope

Posted by Dawn K. in Park Slope
Brief description

We would like to reconfigure the kitchen area in our loft like apartment. The kitchen is divided from the living room by a half wall that we installed about 10 years ago in our original renovation. We would like to knock out our pantry and the half wall and redesign the space. In addition we would like to do a lighting plan for the entire area- living , dining and kitchen.

Project details
  • Space


  • Services

    Design and Build

  • Style


Before Conditions

A little worn; Functional but...

Scope of work

Kitchen- design new footprint
Remove cabinets, wall, island, pantry.
Replace sink, refrigerator, counters, cabinets, island
Install divider between kitchen and dining area
Create a new lighting plan for entire kitchen, dining, living area
Paint entire space.

The 250 ft represents the footprint of the kitchen, pantry, hall closet area- not the entire living , dining, kitchen area.

The most important thing about this review is that I would work with them again on future renovation projects. Paulina and Albert’s team takes great pride in their work and the work they do is excellent. We looked at a number of contractors and visited with 4. After a visit to their shop where they make the cabinets we decided to hire them. The shop was super organized, the people working there appeared happy, safe and experienced and the overall environment was very tidy. Once construction started, the team that worked in our place was professional and lovely to deal with AND they left the work space each evening as clean as possible which was much appreciated. I had a clear vision of what I wanted the kitchen to look like so there wasn't a lot of design collaboration between us so I cannot speak to how that interaction would work for another client. But something I found quite helpful was Paulina's computer modeling of the kitchen so that I could see how different configurations and color changes would look. I also appreciated how hard Albert worked to make sure the color of the cabinets was exactly what I wanted.

As with most renovations, problems and surprises occured. I was impressed by their response to these events. Any complaint was addressed immediately and professionally. They worked hard to find solutions and were extremely attentive to answering these types of messages.